Art Therapy supporting Domestic Violence victims

After watching a panel discuss the trauma related to domestic violence, especially towards women and children, and the lack of services here in Australia in supporting the victims, I wanted to share literature on the benefits of art therapy for supporting those exposed to DV.

Australian of the Year 2015, Rosie Batty, bravely and honestly spoke about the inadequacy in the services currently provided and the consequences of government services not working as a cohesive unit to identify the risks to potential victims.

Maybe if our government was more in-tune with what services actually benefit victims or, the community as a whole, they may consider investing in what is becoming a serious social issue.  DV does not discriminate.  We need to consider educating children and youth in order to break the cycle.  We also need to offer additional empathic support that empowers the victims of these heinous acts.

It astounds me that we are so far behind other countries when offering alternative therapeutic interventions and support.  What will it take for the politicians to realise that there are evidence-based, viable options, services and support that are as beneficial as what is currently considered the ‘norm’ regarding psychological intervention and support and that these alternatives actually DO make a difference???


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Art Therapy blog

Below is a great art therapy site for anyone interested in art therapy.



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Expressions of interest for my new Art Therapy venture in collaboration with One Arts Gold Coast.  Offering group or individual art therapy sessions for anyone wanting, or needing, to express themselves creatively in a safe, empathic and nurturing environment. All enquiries to either or  Check out our ArtPlusTherapy page on Facebook.  Heaps of great articles and interesting tidbits.
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Opening night at One Arts Gold Coast

A great opening night for One Arts Gold Coast.  Inspiring artwork, mesmerising entertainment, creative people…what more could you ask for on a balmy Gold Coast Friday evening??? Want to do it all over again and, with the enthusiasm bouncing around the room, I’m sure I will be attending future exhibitions sooner rather than later…maybe one of my own?
Check out

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Round and round they go….

How many of you out there are as disturbed as I about the increasing number of child abuse, neglect and deaths, occurring in today’s world??

How many of you out there are desperately trying to find a way to help innocents but failing because of a corrupt and dismal system??

Why is it that qualified, caring, individuals can’t find work in an area that is obviously struggling to cope with the rise of child abuse cases?

Why does our government place more emphasis on paperwork than innocent children?

Why, why, why….


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