Art Therapy supporting Domestic Violence victims

After watching a panel discuss the trauma related to domestic violence, especially towards women and children, and the lack of services here in Australia in supporting the victims, I wanted to share literature on the benefits of art therapy for supporting those exposed to DV.

Australian of the Year 2015, Rosie Batty, bravely and honestly spoke about the inadequacy in the services currently provided and the consequences of government services not working as a cohesive unit to identify the risks to potential victims.

Maybe if our government was more in-tune with what services actually benefit victims or, the community as a whole, they may consider investing in what is becoming a serious social issue.  DV does not discriminate.  We need to consider educating children and youth in order to break the cycle.  We also need to offer additional empathic support that empowers the victims of these heinous acts.

It astounds me that we are so far behind other countries when offering alternative therapeutic interventions and support.  What will it take for the politicians to realise that there are evidence-based, viable options, services and support that are as beneficial as what is currently considered the ‘norm’ regarding psychological intervention and support and that these alternatives actually DO make a difference???



About ArtPlusTherapy

Amanda Murray was born and educated in Sydney and has always been creative. Amanda has studied music and art and is currently living on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Amanda pursued art from an early age and studied art through to her HSC where her final art pieces were chosen to be exhibited in the 'Art Express' Exhibition at the Gallery of NSW. Since then Amanda has studied and exhibited jewellery, sculpture and prints in various exhibitions. She has studied in Sydney and Edinburgh, Scotland where she lived for several years consuming the culture and wonderful artistic atmosphere. She has studied Jewellery and Object design, Graphic Design, Sculpture and Fine Art. For many years, Amanda has been a volunteer within disabilities, child and adolescent mental health, special needs and education. With her creative abilities and her desire to help others she embarked on the journey to become an Art Therapist and studied her Masters at the University of Western Sydney. Amanda has made the Gold Coast her home and has been developing art workshops and facilitating art therapy workshops for many community services across the area. She is a registered Art Psychotherapist providing group and individual therapy and is developing programmes for primary and secondary education. Additionally, she is a volunteer teacher's aide and is a member of the Gold Coast Youth Services network. Amanda is passionate about art therapy and it's benefits in areas such as DV, Juvenile crime and youth homelessness. Amanda continues to advocate the art therapy services to be introduced into primary and secondary educational facilities for the emotional and behavioural support of children and adolescents.
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